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over 3 years ago

Add a feature to disable application specific updater program

I can't believe that I am alone in this.  In my GPOs I have a number of policies that are specific to disabling the auto update functions of various application.  I have policies to disable the Java updater, the Flash updater, the Adobe Reader updater, etc, etc.  The reason I disable the updaters is the a) my firewall policies usually break them, b) my users don't have local administrator privileges and can't install the updates anyway, c) I use Patch Manager to do my updates and so the application's updater is not necessary.  Sometimes the procedure for disabling the updates will change with a new version and I need to tweak my policies.  Sometimes for a variety of reasons, a machine may not get the GPO properly and so displays the update message to the end-user.

It would, IMHO, be wonderful if there were an enhancement to Patch Manager where we could disable application specific auto-updaters via a catalog or via update packages just as easily as we update packages.  These 'App Update Disabler' packages would be picked up by the agent and distributed just like any other update.

Yes, I suppose this could be done now, by crafting custom packages...but it would be great to be able to get the function right from the catalog.