Patch Manager Reminder Version 2020.2.4.340

Probably my OCD but today I am getting a patch manager console reminder that version 2020.2.4.340 is available and I want to address it so it doesn't keep coming up.  

When I open the reminder item I get another message box.


When we select yes to that SolarWinds portal opens in a web browser and I am able to select download next to patch manager.  We patched our Orion server last week for HF2 so that is good so I am confused at what this reminder wants us to update.  Since Patch Manager Orion web console is not on the wsus server with the Patch Manager Console I don't think that is it.  And the newest option for patch manager mmc download available on the portal is 2020.2.1 HF2 with release date 25 Aug 2020.  Can someone help me understand what update we need to install to stop this reminder from coming up for version 2020.2.4.340 of the patch manager console?


If it helps these are the installed Solarwinds products in the program list of our 2019 WSUS server that has the Patch manager console installed on it.


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