Patch Manager Installation/General Questions

Greetings THWACK. I am going to be hopefully deploying Solarwinds Patch manager and have some installation questions and/or recommendations so I can get this installed successfully.  

WSUS Deployment - we stood up brand new WSUS servers which connect to a SQL server for its database.  We have been using WSUS as the front end but would like to use Patch Manager to manage patching moving forward.  We will only be patching Windows Servers with this there will be no workstations patched via Patch Manager.  

I tried setting up Patch Manager in our lab and failed miserably and after having a few discussions realized I should have setup WSUS first and got it up and running then added Patch Manager.  Hopefully that will work but I have some questions.  

1. I would like to install Patch Manager 2020.2 but I know it is really new and would like to have the bugs worked out before I install it. 

2. Currently Orion is running 2019.2 HF3 which I will be updating to 2019.4 in the next few weeks.  I am waiting for all the bugs to get worked out of 2020.2 before I install things. 

3. So should I wait to install Patch Manager so I can have everything on 2019.4? Or can I install Patch Manager 2019.4 now and then migrate everything over to the Orion servers once I get Orion to 2019.4?  Patch Manager would be 2019.4 and Orion would be 2019.2 HF3 - so the backend SQL will not be compatible.  

4. We will be patching servers across domains and was wondering of any additional setup things we will need to do when installing patch manager - anyone have any gotchas? 

Thanks everyone!  I am sure this will generate more questions but I needed to get started.  -Dave