Trouble Installing Feature Update (upgrade) 2004 for Windows 10.

I am having trouble getting PM to install the Windows 10 Feature update to 2004.

The upgrade is listed (and approved) for the client.

I select the Feature Upgrade, choose Update Management - Action Download and install.
The PM task status chugs through until 100%

The Task is reported in PM with Success for Downloaded, Install and Post-Reboot.
However, the post-reboot task is never performed on the client.
The Client reports Installed (Pending Reboot) against the Feature Update.

I have tried sending the client a 'Shutdown or Reboot' job (Choosing Operating System Upgrade (planned).
The client does reboot - but does not perform the upgrade..

I have also tried defining the Post-Update Management Reboot options is both Always Reboot and Reboot only if required by Windows Update, and neither perform the reboot so that the update installs.

The only way I can find to initiate the upgrade is to remotely sign onto the client, goto Windows Update.
There it is reporting Pending Restart - Restart now
After selecting Restart Now - the upgrade upon reboot is performed.

Does anyone have a solution of how to get PM to perform the upgrade without having to initiate the reboot manually byt signing into the client ?

It is as if PM 'reboot' option is not sending an 'Update and Reboot' - but only a 'Reboot'

I should just add to this that all other 'updates' work ok, and perform reboots (if needed) properly, it is only 'Feature Updates' (Upgrades) which have a problem.

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