Trouble Installing Feature Update (upgrade) 2004 for Windows 10.

I am having trouble getting PM to install the Windows 10 Feature update to 2004.

The upgrade is listed (and approved) for the client.

I select the Feature Upgrade, choose Update Management - Action Download and install.
The PM task status chugs through until 100%

The Task is reported in PM with Success for Downloaded, Install and Post-Reboot.
However, the post-reboot task is never performed on the client.
The Client reports Installed (Pending Reboot) against the Feature Update.

I have tried sending the client a 'Shutdown or Reboot' job (Choosing Operating System Upgrade (planned).
The client does reboot - but does not perform the upgrade..

I have also tried defining the Post-Update Management Reboot options is both Always Reboot and Reboot only if required by Windows Update, and neither perform the reboot so that the update installs.

The only way I can find to initiate the upgrade is to remotely sign onto the client, goto Windows Update.
There it is reporting Pending Restart - Restart now
After selecting Restart Now - the upgrade upon reboot is performed.

Does anyone have a solution of how to get PM to perform the upgrade without having to initiate the reboot manually byt signing into the client ?

It is as if PM 'reboot' option is not sending an 'Update and Reboot' - but only a 'Reboot'

I should just add to this that all other 'updates' work ok, and perform reboots (if needed) properly, it is only 'Feature Updates' (Upgrades) which have a problem.

  • I've seen manual installs of 2004 fail at the reboot step. Haven't found a specific answer to that problem, but from the bit of reading that I've done so far, my suspicion is that there may be an unsupported driver or peripheral that need to be disconnected until after the update is complete.
  • I have this same problem with the 1909 feature update and I don't believe it is PM issue.  I have tried PM, PDQ, WSUS, PowerShell, everything under the sun to complete that restart process without logging in and clicking the Windows Update restart button.  Once clicked, the following event is generated, "C:\windows\system32\MusNotificationUx.exe (computer)" has initiated restart of "computer" on behalf of "user".  I do not know if this is how Microsoft designed feature updates but it does hinder automated mass deployments.  If anyone has figured out a solution you would be saving us numerous man hours.

  • Hi, Did you manage to resolve this as i have exactly the same issue?