Patch Manager errors - what do these mean?

This past weekend I tried to patch around 700 servers, most reported errors and failed. Are these WSUS or Patch Manager errors? Can somebody tell me what these errors mean and what needs to be done to correct them?

- "InvalidNamespace Invalid namespace"

- "Server execution failed COM Exception: Error Code: 0x80080005"

- "Already installed. install is not needed because the update is either not applicable or already installed"

- "Column 'taskid, devicekey, jobid, objectkey, operationname' is constrained to be unique. Value '32f07a7d-b519-45de-a70c-332b94bec811, 0c3c9b69-57ee-4b63-9d35-49559e2c5b3c, 54, xxxxxxx, Pre-Reboot' is already present."

- "Install failed. Fatal error during installation HRESULT: 0x80070643"

- "Install failed. The system cannot find the file specified HRESULT: 0x80070002"

- "Install failed. Unknown error (0x800f0902) HRESULT: 0x800F0902"

- "Install may have failed. Unable to create install session. The caller attempted to perform an operation on an interface while another operation was in progress."

- "The task and operation were aborted."

- "The update failed to download and an install will not be attempted. Download failed. Http status 408 - server timed out waiting for request Error Code: 0x8024401C"

- "The update failed to download and an install will not be attempted. Download failed. Server execution failed Error Code: 0x80080005"

- "Thread was being aborted."

- "Unknown error (0x80240438)"

- "InvalidNamespace Invalid namespace"

- "InvalidProviderRegistration Invalid provider registration"

- "ProviderLoadFailure Provider load failure"

- "Winhttp SendRequest/ReceiveResponse failed with 0x2ee7 error. Either the proxy server or target server name can not be resolved. Corresponding to ERROR_WINHTTP_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED. Stop/Restart service or reboot the machine if you see this error frequently."