PM Task Wizard bug?

I just used the PM GPO deployment (Right-click 'Managed Computers', 'Windows Update Local Policy Management') to deploy the GPO to 63 machines. The first run, it only deployed to 33. No errors or anything. When I looked at the list, it literally 'forgot' every other machine.

I ran it again with the missing machines (30, this time). This time it deployed to 15. Again, every other machine in the list was just gone.

The third round of the 15 that dropped off round 2 didn't drop any off.

Has anyone see this kind of behavior before?

Edit: Round 3 did the same thing - dropped off about half - only 8 ran :/ Ended up having to run the job 7 times, each time doing the half that were dropped off the previous run, until the last run was a single machine.