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Error 1312 When Installing Custom MSI Updates

We use Avigilon as our NVR solution corporate wide. Since there are a lot of people in the company who use the client software to view live video and/or recordings I have been trying to use Patch Manager to push out updates to the client. Avigilon publishes an MSI installer for the client but I cannot get it to work with Patch Manager.

I've created a package in Patch Manager with the MSI. My prerequisite and applicability rules are working fine. When the update runs, it says that it completes successfully but actually uninstalls the Avigilon client. When I check the event logs I find this error:

Source: MsiInstaller

Event ID: 11312

Product: Avigilon Control Center Client Only -- Error 1312. Cannot create the directory 'C:\Windows\TEMP\mia8A37.tmp\AvigilonControlCenterClientOnly.exe'.  A file with this name already exists.  Please rename or remove the file and click retry, or click Cancel to exit.

I've tried emptying the TEMP folder before running the update and it still fails. I've confirmed that running the command manually on the computer works fine: msiexec.exe /qn /norestart /i AvigilonControlCenterClientOnly-

I've done some searching and there is very little about the topic. There is one post in the InstallAware forums that suggests this is an issue with InstallAware. Indeed, the Avigilon installer is built with InstallAware but there is no resolution on that topic and no further information anywhere else. Has anyone else ever run into this issue?