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over 2 years ago

Spanning tree topology map

Spanning tree, as we know, is an extremely useful function of a network. However, equally so, in the hands of an inexperience engineer, or with someone adding network devices or 802.1q capable network cards to the network in an uncontrolled manner, it can be the worst thing ever.

It would be useful to  have a map view of the layer 2 status of spanning tree to help manage moving, adding and adjusting spanning tree to be at it's most efficient.  Clearly this is a reasonable simple task to do via the CLi on Cisco devices (which is what I mainly have in mind), but if you have many of them, a topology viewer will save time and offer the opportunity to get alerts for any topology changes.

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  • What are the STP fields you would like to see in the product ? and are you looking at a separate map called STP Network Map view or is it ok to represent it on the existing Layer 2 (Switches) Map display ?

  • I can think of a couple of ways. One would be an STP map. The other would be a L2 map that has different colored links for STP blocked links.

  • Apologies in the response time, I think given the potential that it has, if not configured correctly, to have on a environment, a map demonstrating what is the root of what VLAN is the very least that is require.  Providing the actual priorities in a user friendly fashion would be extremely useful.  I think on the Cisco front this will be straight forward and a little simply script would extract it, not very sure about other vendors though.