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Orion Maps - Add Layers for zooming context

When making an Orion Map you want it to be usable. At times you will only care about key devices like routers and WAN links between different sites without need of showing how the switches are connected etc within a site. If the switches are displayed it means more clutter of lines and names and harder to see how the routers are connected etc. 

On the other hand when you are troubleshooting a problem at a single site you will want to see the status of connections between the switches at that site. My proposal is allow us to specify filter layer 1 or filter layer 2 when adding a node or group of nodes to an Orion Map. Then allow us to specify the zoom level required for filter layer 2. Filter layer 1 will always be displayed (the minimum amount to be shown) when you zoom in enough you will see the less important nodes.

Currently we are doing this by using several maps about 20 now. We have a global map that shows our entire province and about 150 routers. Then if you want to see more detail on a certain area of the province we have links to more detailed maps but this is not as user friendly. If instead you could simply zoom in a bit more or even just allow us to turn on and off the filter layer 2 and dont even tie it to the zoom which should be even easier we will be able to make it much more useful.