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Network Topology Mapper (NTM)

I bought this software package to assist many of my Clients to map out their respective network connectivity as a Values added Services with no charge to them.

Before that, I was using nmap and Zenmap, but NTM gave me more flexibility as it can direct output to MS-Visio.

The first try on a Client network, I faced so many issues like links not found, double or triple links found, etc. Logged a case to Solarwinds and was told that very disappointing feedback "That this product is no longer in development roadmap".

I suggest to relook into this and continue to put effort to make NMTM better. PLEASE.

  • My suspect is that SolarWinds is focusing on Orion Map solution, considering that NTM has not been under development for last 2-3 years and Network Atlas looks to be deprecated as well. So I'd not count for any upgrades of NTM.