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over 3 years ago

cisco device connected to other vendor

Looks like the application failed to find connectivity when a device that supports CDP or LLDP is connected to a device that does not support any of these protocols.

I suspect that the reason is that if one device support CDP then it expect that all attached device will support CDP as well.

However this is not the situation and there are lots of other devices connected to Cisco devices (Juniper, F5, checkpoint..)

So there should be an option to force bridge table based mapping for such connections



  • CDP is only Cisco though.  Most other vendors leverage LLDP, which is the vendor neutral version.  Cisco also supports LLDP.  NTM can discover devices talking over LLDP no problem.  We had an environment that was Cisco & Juniper mixed and NTM found all those devices. 

  • how can CDP device ( Cisco or not) be aware about none CDP device on the CDP table?

    It can't - This is the problem.

    even Cisco ASA does not support CDP so application will not create a link in this case if connected to a Cisco switch

  • The link will be created if CDP table on cisco device has a record about the other device. Some exact sample with SNMP walks from both devices will definitely help.