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over 1 year ago

Add more Primary Node Roles or Give us the ability to create our own

IT would be beneficial to create more primary node roles and if not then give us the ability to specify our own with our own icons. Currently I am seeing many items where there is no primary node role that covers the device. Sort of like a Cisco VG202, which is an analog voice device. Cisco has a specific PowerPoint icon that covers this type of device. I would like the ability to add it myself to cover the items on our network. General primary nodes roles just do not work for everyone.

  • I absolutely agree; especially with the amount of $$$ my company spends with SolarWinds! Equipment that has an IP and costs thousands of dollars should have a "Primary Node Role".

    We at least need the following:

    NAS: Network Attached Storage. Examples are 3Par, Equalogic, and other smaller devices.  You can have an entire rack of just these.

    VoIP Network Node: This could be many different items, like the one mentioned in the parent; unified PBX, voice gateways, digital modules, etc.

    Networked Chassis: Not sure of the name, but we have many IP-based chassis that have various blade-like modules in them.


    Time clock

    Alarm Panel