Need help with NTM

Hi folks,

I've just been instructed to start using this program so I'm trying to learn how I can document a few of our locations using it.

A couple issues I've found that are small but annoying:

Cannot change icons for nodes. I go to right click on them and select "custom Icon" but if I choose one from the list, nothing happens. If I upload my own it will work, but I don't want to have to find my own icons for every node I want to change. I read that this bug was fixed in the latest version, but I have the latest version and I guess it's not fixed.

Second problem, there seems to be no way to remove manual connections. I used the "connect devices" button by mistake on a couple nodes and now it appears this is not reversible.

I've read the admin manual for this thing and I didn't find it very informative. Any suggestions on where to find good information on this?