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Hi All and thanks for taking the time to read this.

There a few posts on Thwack regarding the use of live weather maps on NOC views. Every now and again i take a look at these and attempt to get one working, so far with little success.

One issue i have is a i can't make use of the WorldWide Map as i can't control the location details entered into the nodes and therefore have nodes located in places which i don't have nodes located - if you follow me.

I'd like to use an animated map - or one that gets refreshed each time the NOC view get refreshed.

I've just followed this post by miadine​ date back in 2012  Re: How to insert regional (3 states) map with live weather into Orion Map but just end up with moving rain clouds and no back ground map. Clearly i'm missing something really basic here. (thanks for the post miadine​ btw)

Are there any detailed procedures out there to follow?

Any asistance is very much appreciated.

  • At my previous gig I did this and people really appreciated seeing live maps. Having been in New England more than once those maps were used to determine when people needed to be sent home early.

  • Anyone have a more up to date way to display active radar maps with site status as well?

  • I simply created a new Resource (Custom HTML) widget and put it on my NPM's home page, right next to the Node Up/Down Status view.  It's particularly useful since weather is the primary WAN outage cause at certain parts of the year.  It constantly updates, it's animated so we can see the weather rolling in, and it shows in the same view as the network's up/down status Resource.

    I was lucky in that all my sites were covered by the same NOAA weather radar view.  If yours aren't, you can select a National animated loop view.  Experiment with the links here, paying particular attention to the regional maps located in the center of the graphic:

    By the way, there's also a full-sized animated National Weather Radar map that's pretty impressive to call up on a big screen.  Check it out here:

    There's also an option to just show one local region's radar, in case all of your sites are quite close together.  You can click on the larger map link (just above this paragraph), then click on a city or state or region, and it'll take you to the local Doppler radar station.  Then just copy the URL and paste it into your new Custom HTML Resource, then add it as a Widget to your NPM's home page.

    Swift Packets!

    Rick Schroeder

  • Hi Rick,

    Which HTML code you are using here?

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