Network Topology Mapper SNMPv3 Test Credential Failed

I am evaluating NTM for my organization, using it for network devices, specifically Cisco.  When I attempt to implement a new scan, using SNMPv3 credentials, I get a failed test.  I have all information input into Edit SNMP Credential. I have verified it against the configuration of the device I am testing against. On a side note, we are currently using SW Orion and have no issues with SNMP with it.

The device where NTM is installed, its IP address is in a range allowed by an ACL on the Cisco devices.  No firewalls in the path are blocking the traffic.

There is something interesting on a Wireshark capture, from the NTM device to the network device, fields indicate that information is missing:
msgAuthenticationParameters:  <MISSING>
msgPrivacyParameters: <MISSING>

The values are stored and are not missing in the Edit SNMP Credential window.