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over 1 year ago

WMI and SNMP polling option

Provide the ability to monitor a node via SNMP, ICMP and/or WMI.  Drives via WMI and system via SNMP with the option of ICMP or not.  This would allow the best of both worlds.

  • I’d like to see the option to use both SNMP and WMI methods.

    I monitor using SNMP across the board, but I want some of the options that WMI monitoring offers such as an account associated with the node (for service control via Solarwinds etc.)  and Disk Performance stats without needing to install “SNMP Informant Standard” on all my servers, or add  additional monitors manually.

    I’m not saying that the same info should be gathered by both methods. I’m sure that the bods at Solarwinds know which data is best pulled from SNMP and which from WMI? If not, they could give the admin the choice of setting one as the primary method.

  • This is the exact problem I have I want hardware health monitoring but also wanted the Disk Performance Stats.  One needs SNMP and one needs WMI.  At least set the options for each section rather than globally on a node.

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