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over 1 year ago

UCS Monitoring with LDAP Authentication Enabled

In my environment the Systems team administers the UCS device. They have already enabled LDAP on the device. They did setup the NOC with local read only UCS credentials as well as AD UCS credentials.So according to the UCS install manuale and SolarWinds support we can not monitor the UCS components because SolarWinds requires LDAP to be turned off. Frustrating to say the least.  Why should we only be able to monitor UCS with LDAP disabled? The only solution that SolarWinds support offered was to create a feature request, so here it is.

We would like to be able to monitor UCS with LDAP Authentication turned on.

Thank you!

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  • You got  NPM to poll UCS with both local and ldap enabled?

    Our UCS has both, and when I use the local login for UCS NPM polling the node goes in like a normal ICMP node.... nothing UCS about it.

    Do you have to specify particular format for the local login?  ucs-local\username?