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Sub-menu system in Web Console

If the Web console is not customizable (adding tabs), then allow a sub-menu system under the "Customize Menu bars" in web admin settings. As a user I want to be able to navigate to most things in Solarwinds using the menus in the menu bar and not having to search "Manage Nodes". As an administrator I want to be able to create a hierarchical system within Solarwinds for easy navigation from anywhere in solarwinds web console.

I manage several Wordpress Websites so I'll provide examples from

WordPress Menu User Guide

Here is another example from CodeCanyon CSS - CSS3 Mega Drop Down Menu | CodeCanyon

If I can go into the "Customize Menu bars" under settings and create menus under menus. In Wordpress menu admin area below:



Each sub item you see is movable with a mouse, just as in the Solarwinds Web console, except the menus can be indented left and right to establish the parent child relationship.

This allows Solarwinds admins to create a nice hierarchy for navigation. Under each tab admins can create a different menu system.

Hopefully, you can release this in a intermediate release or some small patch with a customizable sub-menu system feature added.

Re-submitting idea as the person who closed it is not responding to the thread. -03/18/2013

Re-submitted idea here please vote on this much needed feature addition to Solarwinds. ***To Admin*** Please do not close so as to create dialogue and understand if the community wants the feature or not. Please join the conversation.***

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