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Route polling over multiple NICs to handle overlapping remote networks without NAT'ing

We can't always control the IP address numbering at remote sites that need to be monitored. I would like to be able to add an additional NIC or just an additional IP address to the SolarWinds server, and assign devices to use one source IP or the other for communicating with that device. Right now we're either implementing a brand new management LAN or NAT'ing to ensure that all remote networks are unique, but it can get ugly. It would be much better if we could have traffic destined for "site A" go out from NIC#1, and traffic destined for "site B" go out from NIC#2, where the IP ranges for site A and B are the same.

  • I will clarify: The SolarWinds server is at the HQ site. We want to monitor SiteA and SiteB. SiteA is using the range. SiteB is also using the range. SiteA and SiteB do not communicate with each other, and never will. I can add routes out either NIC to the appropriate site and ping them with "ping -S" to set the source IP, but there's no way in Orion to tell it to use one NIC or the other for communicating with a node. If SiteA-switch5 is and SiteB-switch5 is also (not the same device, just at a different site), I cannot currently monitor both without NAT'ing one of them to some other unique-to-my-environment IP.

  • Routing via multiple Network Cards have always been available for the Orion products for years, and there have been a few customers that have this running to access multiple networks. I currently have 2 networks in my lab that I utilize the internal routing Windows has to send out the traffic via the correct Interface.

    This is the guide I reference to access multiple networks. Adding a TCP/IP Route to the Windows Routing Table

  • I put this in NPM, but it would need to apply to all of the modules.