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over 1 year ago

Replace NPM Syslog & Trap system with Kiwi Syslog

For many years now the Sylsog and Trap system have been due to an overhaul.  At this point they are nothing more than an ugly scar on NPM which is an otherwise fantastic product.  Years ago SolarWinds squired Kiwi Syslog Server which handles both Sylsogs and Traps and is also a fantastic product.

I think the Syslog & Trap system that are currently in NPM should be permanently removed and replaced by Kiwi.  SolarWinds should just provide a free copy of Kiwi with every polling engine.  Of course then it would make sense to provide some out-of-the-box integration between Kiwi and NPM.

It seems to me this is a much easier way to solve the legacy Syslog and Trap system issue in NPM versus completely rebuilding it; no need to reinvent the wheel when you already have a perfectly good wheel!

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  • Yes...

    You are right it is better... i just don't see them do that...

    You still can join them in  the  "Message Center " if you like to see events and traps toghter in same view

    "Under the hood" Orion is still very SNMP POLL based software and you can't just

    change that over night.

    I just hope the PM will give some information about what they are planning to do?

    cobrien​ ?

    adatole​ ?

    That "real life networking"  some elements support only SNMP trap.

    traps/syslog  software that  can not indicate an alert to the main alert engine ...?

    it's embarrassing's 100 times more important then every thing in that list.