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RegEx Wizard

This has been a pain point in the past with clients.  I'd be excited to see some sort of RegEx wizard where they can choose from a list of predefined / more common strings segments. I'd like to see this as an option that would pop up much like the email alert variables section or it could even equate to some out of the box RegEx definitions for users to choose from much like the format we see in out of the box SQL Alert trigger conditions that would be pretty nice. Empowering the user to not necessarily need to know the regex language to accomplish their complex config searches.  This feature could be used in any modules that have RegEx Options.

  • Cool.  Now to get SW to tie it into their product line natively, and tweak it so GUI users can select options and test them without having to key in phrases (to save time with typos & syntax errors).

  • Actually LEM lets you do this with visual icons and then converts it to regex.  You can also type the regex in directly but the builder in LEM allows you to do it visually instead of needing to know regex.  So... some code already exists that does this in another tool.

  • It's simple (for me) when someone else (who knows SQL type language commands) provides it. 

    Hence why I voted UP for a Wizard--I'm not (yet) someone who has SQL (or SWQL) skills, and would love a GUI version that's intuitive.  After all, we no longer use DOS when we have Windows, we don't use CLI when accessing Skype or Facebook or Amazon.  Isn't it time for SQL and SWQL to operate with a GUI that has canned statements and Wizards and guides, just like other Enterprise products?

    Imagine being forced to send/receive e-mail solely with CLI.  Specifying an MX preference manually with a "set q=mx" command.  Manually looking up destination addresses with nslookup for every mail.  Telnetting to a remote mail server manually on port 25.  Using the "mail from:<> command.  Setting data.  Remembering the <.> at the end of the statement.

    Mail could be a lot more inconvenient, but some group of folks decided it's better when it's intuitive and easy and obvious.

    That should apply to SWQL and SQL, IMHO.

  • Here is one I use on the Down Nodes resource. It hides nodes that contain D0 as well as T and a number

    Caption Not Like '*t0*' AND Caption Not Like '*d0*' AND Caption Not Like '*t1*' AND Caption Not Like '*t2*' AND Caption Not Like '*t3*' AND Caption Not Like '*t4*' AND Caption Not Like '*t5*' AND Caption Not Like '*t6*' AND Caption Not Like '*t7*' AND Caption Not Like '*t8*' AND Caption Not Like '*t9*'

  • If you are referring to the node filters for a view resource, then I would suggest using:

    nodes.caption not like '%EFW%' 

    I would think that is the easiest syntax to do a SQL filter to get ride of nodes that contain that string.

  • I'd like to see a tool similar to regex 101 incorporated in NCM, something that allows you to build regular expressions and see them match strings in text you provide on the fly. This will allow users to build regex for compliance rules, config searches etc and be confident they will work in the NCM environment whereas at present if I am creating a regex I would create it in regex 101 and it works there but oftentimes when I try it in NCM it doesn't. I know NCM uses the .Net flavour of regex so a testing tool for writing regex in the .Net flavour would be great!

  • I'd love this, since I'm not familiar enough with RegEx or SQL or SWQL to make the simplest meaningful query.

    For example, I'd love to understand the options and most simple syntax to build an NPM node filter that would not display nodes with "EFW" in their caption.  I've tried it multiple ways and nothing works--I only get a SQL error message on the page when I try it.

    A wizard that has the ability to save me from days/weeks of training, with somewhat similar excellent results, would be a great time-saver, and would make this another step above the competition's solution.