Open for Voting

Please release a "free" version of NPM for registered Orion owners for Lab testing or Training.

Please make a free/dirt cheap option available for people who already own products to have a lab or homelab copy of Orion and various modules for testing purposes (or just to monitor a home network). 

Making this would make things vastly easier to test complicated scripts/customizations out without it being done production Orion systems as well as make studying for each flavor of the SCP much easier.

  • They'll sell you a full version at a ridiculous price for a lab, but still charge you full Maintenance Fee every year... Poisonous gift!

  • I completely agree! Re-deploying a test environment every 30 days is impossible for me! I have licenses for 100 NPM nodes and 150 SAM elements for basic testing, but in addition to unlimited licenses for NPM (SLX) and SAM (ALX) my prod system also uses IPAM, WPM, SRM, NCM, UDT and VMAN,and we just don't have the budget for extra licenses to use for testing, and how reliable is a test when 6/8 modules can not be tested?

  • Totally agree, this would be really useful. As it is, the only way there is of testing things is in your live production environment and when that is customer facing this can be very risky. Having to build a new 30 day trial environment every time you want to test something (and then fend off the resulting sales calls) isn't really practical.

  • I've installed a 30-day trial then, on the 30th day, called in for a 30-day temporary license. The salespeople are usually accommodating, and I've found that 60 days have been enough for testing.

  • Another vendor who do monitoring tools (who license by number of sensors) offer a free for personal use version with a maximum of 10 sensors.

    SW could do the same with elements, 10 elements would be enough to monitor something and test functionality without allowing people to abuse the 'free' option and monitor a whole office network in detail.

  • Agreed.

    Though I know their answer is, just download and use the 30day trial. Sometimes though, you just need 45 days or more to try out complicated stuff without resorting to installing yet another trial version and setting it up as you'd like.