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Please add support for Cisco Catalyst 9K

Please add support for the following:

Cisco 92/93/94/95/9600 switches

Cisco 9800 wireless LAN controllers

Cisco 9100 access points

  • I just checked again and I still cannot add lightweight APs associated to my 9800 into the Network Atlas.

  • In the case where SW doesn't already have a canned process to use for upgrades, first I check the online shared templates within Thwack to see what others may have figured out and shared.  You should be able to see that within one of the pages/tabs inside NCM.  If you dont' find what you want, try various searches to guess what others might have called their shared upgrade template.

    If nothing useful has been shared by others, that's when I document literally every step of the upgrade, and then take any of the other templates and customize it to use the steps I've documented.

    And then test, test, and test again.

    If you go this route, be aware that small changes in future IOS or hardware versions may require you to modify your new template--or even scrap it and start from scratch.


    Are you starting with a particular SW upgrade template?  I've tried modifying a few we already had and it failed.  Haven't seen any other templates that accommodate the upgrade commands negatively.  If there is I haven't seen it.  I'm sure I could build it as a script, but would love to use it as a template in the NCM firmware upgrade tool.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • I always start with whatever SW provides, the modify it as necessary to get the job done.  For me, the trick is completely understanding the way to upgrade manually, one box at a time.  I carefully document every single step and then compare it to what's available within NCM's Upgrade Manager.

    If NCM doesn't have a solution pre-built, I'll take an existing upgrade process job, built for a different hardware line, and customize it to include all of the steps I documented (see previous paragraph).  Then I only run the new job in a test environment so I can check to see it succeeded, didn't hang anywhere, and leaves the equipment in good working order.  While I'm doing the test upgrade I carefully time it so I can predict to the SysAdmins how long the upgrade will take.  Although, in a 7x24 Five-9's medical environment like I've worked in, everything has resilience, and should remain up even during an upgrade.  Every server has at least two NIC's that go to two different switches, therefore any Nexus switch can be down/rebooting for an upgrade while the other switch serving a different NIC on the same server remains up & running.

    Let us know what challenges you run into--and how you overcame them.

    Swift Packets!

    Rick Schroeder

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    What are y'all using for a template for the NCM upgrade of the IOS-XE units?  Need to upgrade a bunch of Catalyst 9200 and haven't found a working upgrade template for these devices.  Curious what you are using.

    Appreciate your input.


    Please let us know what you feel is not supported already.  I have Catalyst 9300's, 9400's, and 9500's being monitoring by NPM and backed up by NCM and tracked with UDT.

    In response to the this request - 


    The device Cisco Nexus 93180YC-FX is not reporting vPCs

  • It's not that you can't monitor the Catalyst 9K via SNMP or anything.  But I've noticed that the 9800 WLC lightweight APs cannot be added to heatmaps.  This led me to look at the supported devices list and I found that the 9K were not there.

  • I would like to see a device type added for the Cisco 9800 Wireless LAN Controller similar to the existing device type for the 5500 series WLC.

    The 5508 WLC shows device type of: "Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controller" and is given the "Wireless Controller - Summary" view by defualt. 

    The C9800-L-C-K9 is only being recognized as device type: "Cisco" so I can't see the "Wireless Controller - Summary" view on this device unless I changed the "Web View" for all "Cisco" devices to be "Wireless Controller - Summary" which would then mess up all the standard Cisco device views.

  • I would like to see UDT work on a 9300 switch please