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PERFSTACK chart in MAX, AVG, and MIN options.

I have built a dashboard featuring the PERFSTACK charts.  For the today time range it work great. However when looking at a 7 day time range the data now averaging not showing the max.  PERFSTACK charts need the MAX, AVG, and MIN options.  

  • I too notice a discrepancy between the PerfStack view and widget view and log a ticket.  I am using a UnDP to pull the data.

  • ok... so if you add your perfstack panel in a widget the data points are very far in between.. open it up Open in Perfstack and see if it looks more granular there... Funnily enough I created a ticket open with Solarwinds about something slightly related to Perfstack issue and then i noticed the discrepancy between the PerfStack View and Widget View and tacked it on the ticket.

  • Mmm... so are your active connections metrics coming from a out of the box polling method or are you using UnDP to pull it?

  • "raw data", that would be great.  My data get aggregate after 24 hrs for my UnDP's. In the settings I have "DETAILED UNDP STATISTICS RETENTION" set to 3 days.

  • From what i can tell you are gathering active connections, tracking this data has become important for my organization as well. The native polling that was used to gather that data was pretty unreliable, and wasn't polled as often as i liked. I created a UnDP poller from an OID to pull the number of active sessions/connects and collect that data and the system default which is 2 minutes, this makes the chart highlight more data points..I'll let you figure out which chart is active connections ; ).

    the trade off on doing UnDP polling is that we don't have min,max,avg... which is fine for this case since we're just interested in the plotting of the raw data... 


  • I have build many Custom Pollers that I would like to show in a PERFSTACK.  In the SWQL Studio we can see that the table Orion.NPM.CustomPollerStatistics has MinRate, AvgRate, MaxRate, RawStatus. I would like to have the option to select the  MaxRate vs the AvgRate.  When you look at the PERFSTACK for last 24 hr or today time range the data looks to be MaxRate or RawStatus, witch is great. But after 24 hr range the data looks to be averaging all visible data.  This screenshot is the same PERFSTACK chart with one viewing today and the other Last 7 days.

  • You should be able to select MIN, AVG & MAX data if it's an interface that you're tracking statistics on. Can you give more detail as to what information you are tracking?

    While we're talking about PERFSTACK features they should definitely have a SUM option like they do in their legacy charts.