over 2 years ago

Orion Next Generation User Interface (UI)

Ok, I know we are asking for quite a bit here, but we would PAY MORE for a new / updated user interface for Orion.

Things we would like to see:

  • Individual element (text, charts, guages) data refreshing instead of full page refreshes.  So tired of losing our spot on the page when it refreshed and the refresh breaks your concentration.
  • Page customization screen would list element items grouped by module with module prefixes in the names.  Seriously, it's impossible to find things the way it is now.
  • Drag and Drop for page customization while on the active page, not from the current screen that is just a placeholder for the elements.
  • add_resources_02.pngI HEAR YOU! The whole customize page experience isn't too popular. Attached a design that we are looking at - still in very early form. Group by product would definitely be an option in this design. I hear what you are saying about reorganizing while on the page, but I would like to have another mechanism to reorg the individual elements since dragging and dropping on a long scrolling page can be awkward.

    Any feedback you have is appreciated!

  • I do like what I see.  It's a bit better organized (group by) and seems to let you see some test data when selecting the object.

    The big item on our list is really the entire page refreshing.  As trivial as it sounds it's the biggest complaint we have.

  • The entire page refreshing is too old school. Please make it a dynamic page and support HTML 5.

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