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over 1 year ago

Open agent to Netpath

Hi Solarwinds

I like Netpath and it could be BIG if it could be deployed not only on windows OS.

In that i picture some kind of industrial hardware or miniPC that run some kind of embedded linux

That could be perfect for remote office environment and telco POP without IT stuf.

Please vote

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  • I would say that more than 50% of them would have POE. AC is for utility & lighting, not battery protected.

    2 main reasons behind my vote:

    • Raspies or small fanless computers do not draw a lot of power so should the 48vDC power option is not available, a converter is cheap.
    • Paying a licence of Windows only to monitor Netpath or few other metrics are quite expensive when multiplied by the number of sites. That added to security constraints (read "added costs and complexity) from our corporate IT policy....