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over 1 year ago

NPM View Templates - exportable, customizable, etc.

Today, we make a view and then customize all of the modules within a view.

I'd like to see a way to export an entire view (either per tab or the whole view) to then import into another solarwinds install. This way we could have an equivalent "mini app store" which can import someone else's template to make a view. Plus this would be nice if we added ​ (another FR of mine) to be tied back to this, so we can customize the results.

One can hope, anyway! Thus this FR! tulsi​ making a FR about what we discussed emoticons_silly.png

I could see this being done a as a content exchange on thwack not unlike how you grab templates for SAM applications. However, this would be a great way to let other people showcase their ideas of how to set up their NOC views, etc.

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