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over 1 year ago

NPM ability to shutdown or enable an interface from the interface page

Currently NPM has the ability to shutdown or enable an interface only via the Manage Nodes.  We would like to see that same ability in the Node/Interface page for a device.  We want to give our NOC technicians the ability to shut/no shut shutdown/enable without giving the ability to have access to the manage nodes page or for that matter any of the admin features available to admin logons.  The reason behind this are varied but in the Cisco world sometimes it's necessary to shut/no shut an interface to clear an error-disable function or even to kick start an interface.  We'd like our NOC techs not to have to telnet into the routers to deal with interfaces.  We want their only view to be via Orion NPM

  • I would echo this request, ideally it would be nice to have a page that we can populate with interfaces required by our NOC to isolate the network, either to isolate a site from the WAN or the entire estate from the internet. The request seems straight forward basically just a customized list of device, with an identified interface with a current state and the ability to change the current state by clicking on a radio button or similar. Ideally I don't want to over complicate this by having them needing to drill down through several web pages ideally, go to URL, authenticated, shutdown interfaces. Ideally if anyone is going to this then the place in burning down and it needs to be idiot proof.