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Modern Dashboards - Include 'Add to Menu'

The new Modern Dashboards are clearly going to be built upeon and more capabilities added in future releases. One of the annoyances, is that currently you have to copy the new dashboard URL and manually create the menu item from this. Most people it is fair to say will not make this connection to do so.

I am asking for a simple 'Add to Menu' button, which will then display a list of the menu's available to that user or if an admin all of the menu's, so this new dashboard page can easily be added to a menu.


  • This would be useful. It takes hours to customize menus for groups of users at present.

  • I like this idea.

    I'm one of those who has manually copied URLs and added them as new Resources to Menu's.  While it seems easy enough to do, modern and competitive products should be able to leverage the power of apps & computer processing to make a one-click "Add To Menu" feature happen.  It seems like a basic cosmetic change with a good return of a powerful feature for the investment of some behind--the-application scripting.

    Although I'm no programmer, I'm optimistic SW can make this happen.  They'll work on it if enough customers like you and me support it.

    Swift Packets!

    Rick Schroeder