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Location/Site Table for Node management

We currently have a distinct site code for each location that we have nodes. For reporting purposes and organization, each site has a single name, business group, analyst, etc. associated with it. We currently use the custom properties to indicate the described information.

Could it be possible to create a separate Site/Location table that could be updated through the web GUI to contain the unique sites and that site’s information? Rather than repeating the same information over and over in the custom properties, we could assign the sitecode custom property to the node and use the Site table in reporting. This would help maintain consistent data and minimize users creating inconsistent data.

  • I use a separate CMDB which allows me to join and reference other values but if I didn't - 

    I would most likely declare those statics in the beginning of the report- then ask everyone to copy that primary report to get it each time. If I wanted people to be able to use any report with out advanced SQL- I would create an external node named for each sitecode and set it's custom properties as wanted- a SQL job could update the nodes table so each node with the same sitecode would pull values from those external reference sitecode Nodes.