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over 2 years ago

Granular Node Management Rights.

There needs to be a simple way to assign users specific node management rights. For example, i have a group of users that i only want to be able to unmanage nodes, nothing more. There may be sophisticated ways of achieving this but it would be nice to have it built into the "Manage Accounts" section.

Thanks for considering this.

  • Yes, that would be nice. 

  • We still need this feature. Has anyone found some type of work around?

  • This is the most requested NPM feature and the post is seemingly over 10 years old based on the comments.

    I know it would be irresponsible to make a commitment when it isn't ready but can there be any acknowledgement of this request and comment on if this is in the near or distant future?

  • Granular Node Management Rights are definitely needed.  So many good options are listed in this thread.  Admin access or none just doesn't work, it makes our jobs more difficult, and makes our users critical of the app.  I've noticed several other features tied to having full admin access that just don't make sense.  Other tools we have used in the past offer granular security options for the majority of their features.  Why is SolarWinds so far behind in this respect?

  • The Manage Nodes option definitely needs to be made more granular. Several suggestions have been listed in this thread and any of them would be great.  Admin access or none just isn't reasonable, makes our jobs a lot more difficult, and gives our users one more reason to complain about your app. At the very least allowing users who are not admins to view the Manage Nodes feature would be a huge improvement.  I've noticed this isn't the only security setting tied to admin privileges Come on SolarWinds, other tools have offered way more granular options for quite some time.

  • I agree this is so over due. I'm not sure how many years and how many hundreds of upvotes it takes to be seen here. 

  • Always same question from user without answer.

    For large customer we currently have difficulties to adapt the software for a central console in terms of rights management

    Team need to have “only view on specific part / device” and “administration on another scope”, it could be done with 2 unique users login with 2 groups… but frequently end user has only one account and we can’t ask to the customer to create another account to restrict view… and this workaround is not acceptable because team spend a lot of time to know what is the login for this action and what is the login for the other action.

  • Solarwinds, please work on this request. Very important for us.

    For us it would be great if group permissons are additive and permissions does not only come from the highest prio group.