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over 1 year ago

Force Refresh of Resources in Manage Nodes > More Actions

In the Manage Nodes screen of NPM, there is a menu item for List Resources. From that screen you can select which resources available for the device that you wish to monitor. The screen will also tell you from which date the resources were surveyed and cached. You can force refresh the resources from the List Resources screen. What I am suggesting is to allow people to select a group of nodes in the Manage Nodes screen, and then select Force Refresh Resources from the More Actions drop-down menu. Being able to force refresh en masse, would allow for refreshing multiple devices at the same time, and permit a better work flow when checking the Resources listed.

Admittedly, you should not need to refresh the Resource List if devices have not changed. I recently found a device replaced three years ago, that never had the Resource List refreshed. Sometimes, it is just easier and faster to select all devices and refresh them, rather than doing them one at a time. Also, note that More Actions > Rediscover does not refresh the Resource List.

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