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over 1 year ago

Feature Request Report Conversion Helper Report Writer to Web Report

Dear Thwacksters,

I do not know how many of you use the Web Based Report Writer but I do not as often as I use the Report Writer.  The problem with Report writer is you cannot take advantage of the customizions that you use with Web Reports.  I propose a new feature that would consist of a Tool that woudl convert Reqport Writer Reports into Web Reports so that you no have to rethink the original report.  I find the online report writer very difficult as I have to take my logic and retool myself to think how the website sees it.  Please vote this feature up if you would like to see a feature like this added.  Also please feel free to add comments on how you would like this to be implimented.



  • I agree--it's time consuming to train myself to use the new web report builder when I already have the skill for the old Report Writer.  But I'm finding that going through the effort is resulting in some worthwhile skill improvements in myself, so I'm not pushing back as hard as I thought I would.

    But where functionality has been lost--as with NCM's Inventory feature of "Last Time Data Was Received or Transmitting" on a port--that's a big problem for me.  Not all things with the new NCM/NPM are improvements.

    Not to mention pulling an old-style chart into a new-style report now results in a loss of graphic sharpness.

    But I think I'm getting better at the new Web Report GUI.  Just comparing the old style Report Writer step by step with the new Web GUI, side by side, helped me rebuild some important reports in it.

    I hope you'll do the same, and find your skills expanding as I did.

    Good luck!

  • There is also currently no way to utilize reports created from the Web Report as a resource on a page. I had to go into Report Writer and recreate the report in order to use it on a page under the 'Custom Report from ReportWriter' resource.

  • I agree with Adam and Rodolfo, there has to be a way to convert the reports that was generated by Report Writer to Web Reporters, we have quite a few custom reports that was generate by former employees, and really don't have time to manually re-create these reports. Any idea when we can expect something, or are we just out of luck.

  • Great idea! Could be also the option to MODIFY existent report writer reports via web. We have tons of custom reports created by a former co-worker, so I'm getting my way in the web interface from scratch.

  • Great idea.  I just started looking at the forums to see if there is a way to do this.  My reason for wanting to convert the reports from Report Writer to the web is so that if we need to migrate Orion to a new server, I don't have to worry about manually copying the reports to the new server.