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over 1 year ago

FEATURE REQUEST - Allow user to assign IP address used by agent during installation on target

We have targets that have multiple IP addresses, by way of multiple interfaces or multiply bound per interface. The agent installation does NOT allow assignment of an IP address to be chosen by the user installing the agent software. The installer assigns the first IP address based on alphanumeric sort which may NOT necessarily be the primary IP address. This becomes an issue when trying to query or search nodes by the primary IP address.

  • Definitely.  The number of times I have found a few weeks/months later that the agent has grabbed a cluster IP instead of the device IP...

    Though in very least a change so the 'oldest' IP outside of would usually be the correct one in the above case.

    With install by the GUI, a check if there are multiple IPs and then a prompt would be great.

    On the manage agent screen it would be great if this was highlighted and then shown with some details.