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over 1 year ago

Enable/Disable alert actions from Trigger/Reset Actions in an alert

If alert action is disabled, you cannot see this within the alert configuration Trigger Actions. You have to go back out to Action Manager and find the alert/action to view and change if it is enabled.

You should be able to:

  1. See if an action is enabled/disabled from the Trigger/Reset Actions steps in the alert configuration
  2. Control if the action is enabled/disabled from the same view without having to go all the way back out to Action Manager

For example, in the following screenshots one of the ServiceNow actions is disabled but there is no way to see or control this from the alert configuration. You have to go back out to Manage Actions.



  • Interesting question that I haven't thought much about as it is very rare that I use the same action across multiple alerts. Usually the alerts have their own unique actions.

    A quick test shows that if you currently disable an action it is disabled in every alert it is used. I don't see an issue with that as long as it is clear that it will be disabled in every alert.

    If they only want to disable it in that alert, there is the option to copy the action and remove the original/linked action. Then disable the new copy.

  • I really like this suggestion thanks for submitting it. I'm curious how you would expect this to behave if the trigger action was linked across multiple alerts?

  • Yeah I would hope that a better ui would be something like combining the alert mgmt and action mgmt into the same tab.

    Like initially we just see the list of alerts and all their info, then have the option to expand out the alert and have it display a trimmed down version of whats on the edit alert - summary tab, with some on/off switches next to each action.

  • Totally agree. We are revamping our alerts and getting rid of old items but having to see an action that is thought to be enabled but is actually disabled does get confusing especially as I will be on-boarding more power users who will think the actions are all active until they see it in the Action Manager.

  • 100% Upvote for this one:

    #bumpsquad - Not sure if that still works, but I think it's a quality of life improvement