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over 1 year ago

Edit Multiple Nodes > Polling as Separate Values (like Custom Properties)

Have you ever tried to edit multiple nodes and change a custom property?  Works very nicely, doesn't it?  You can put a check box next to the custom value you want changed and change ONLY that value.  No other value is updated.

Try that with a polling section.  It doesn't work the same for polling as it is a SINGLE check box which means that if you want to change the node status polling value without changing the statistics you are out of luck.


What kind of scenario would cause you to want to change only the node status polling and not the statistics collection?  Consider a recent design I did for a customer.  Using their existing classification system we defined urgency on a 1-4 scale, 1 being the highest urgency, that would then control the status polling interval.  We used impact, on a 1-3 scale, to define the Collect Statistics interval.  Impact + Urgency = Priority which is how we determined the SLA for device and how it was escalated.  Consider the scenario below.  (Let's assume that there are multiples of each node -- or else the multi-edit problem doesn't apply! emoticons_wink.png )

NodeA has an urgency of 1 and impact of 2

NodeB has an urgency of 1 and impact of 1

NodeC has an urgency of 2 and impact of 2

If I tried to multi-edit to change the urgency polling rate for nodes A and B (since they match), I would also be forced to change the impact polling (statistics) for both nodes as well, even those those intervals don't match.  When I try and multi-edit the impact polling (statistics) for nodes A and C (since they match), I would also change the urgency polling (status) as well.

When you have hundreds of nodes in an environment, all classified by impact and urgency, it is very easy to sort the nodes by the custom value and multi-edit to change the node status and statistics interval.  Without the ability to isolate changes to either the status or statistics intervals it means some extra edits, verification and, in the end, some manual edits for the smallest set of nodes which just cannot be mutl-edited without causing havoc with the other values.

I hope this makes sense.  It caught me off-guard when I first started to make mass edits in their environment and would have saved me a couple of hours of effort and made things much cleaner.

PS:  I'd also like to see the same functionality at the volume and interface level as well -- across the board, even though I don't use it at that level right now.