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over 1 year ago

Easier assignment of Custom Interface Pollers to interface properties instead of node properties.


Last week we have build a new custom interface poller, to monitor the Duplex setting per interface.

Imported in Solarwinds, it creates a new custom interface poller (don't mix it with the more common used custom Node-Poller). When you only have a few interfaces to monitor, you can assign them manually easily to the various interfaces in a node.

But:  When you want to select which type of interface (for instance interfaces of the ethernetCsmacd type) that is not possible very easily. You can only do a group filtering of the interfaces on node level instead of interface (port) level.  I think it should be logical, that in case of a custom interface poller, the assignment dropdown-menu (Group By) should change from node to interface related properties, like interfacetype, ifSpeed, ifDescription, ifOperstatus instead of machinetype, location, vendor. 

You can select the to be polled interfaces grouped by an interface related item. In the current way it isn't really usable when you have to select hundreds of interfaces manually...

My feature request is to change the dropdown menu, when a Custom Interface Poller is being assigned, from Node related properties, to interface related properties.

In the screendump below, you can see that a interface selection is only possible on Node properties like machinetype at this moment (NPM version 11.5.2)