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over 1 year ago

Dynamic Custom Properties

I would like to have Custom Properties that are variables.  Some specific cases would include custom properties that are the result of a Custom Poller, SQL query, or even possibly the result of a value polled by a SAM Component in the case of SAM.

  • Add to this, I would like to have logic associated to assigning a custom property. If this...and this...and not this, then assign this custom property.

  • Although not ideal, we have jury-rigged the alerting engine to achieve this using the change custom property action.

  • the possibilities are endless !!!

  • I'm bringing this request back from the dead. Dynamic Custom Properties or "Smart" Custom Properties would be a huge help. Automation is the key. If someone adds a node and selects the "Site" custom property and chooses Atlanta, it would only make sense that additional fields would then become available to select which location in Atlanta it is or if there is only one location the "Address" custom property field would be automatically populated with the correct address. 

  • That's just pulling variables.  I want to pull the value of custom pollers, and even SQL queries to outside databases for integration capabilities.  Admittedly, I have not tried any of this recently but last time I did try these things were not possible.

  • I'm pretty sure you can have custom poller results be a custom property. In fact you can have things like ${NodeID} : ${IPAddress} . It can't do calculations afaik though (though custom pollers can).