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Displayed Field Names

Both with Custom Property displays and Component Monitor displays it would be nice if the ability to use more readable field names existed.  Let me explain...

I have about 75 Custom Property fields that I use for nodes.  These provide a place to report the customer contact info associated with the node, the node's rack location, etc., etc., etc.  If I just used fields names for the properties called Customer_Name, Address, Phone, Rack_Location, etc. they are placed in alphabetical order when displayed on the webpages.  With the number of properties I am using, you have to add to the field names in order to get things to display properly for example the list above changes to something like 01a_Customer_Name, 01b_Customer_Address, 01c_Customer_Phone, 02a_Rack_Location, etc. which just makes the display even uglier but the data is then in the proper order.

Again the same holds true for component monitor names even with the new ability to reorder the Component Monitors within the Application Monitor when viewed through the "Components" view for example.

A fix for this would be to add a Displayed Field Name field which would allow you to put in a more readable name for the field.  The field name mentioned above would still control the order of the fields in the display as it does today but the convoluted name would be switched out for the Displayed Field Name making the UI more pleasing to the viewer.

  • Bump... being able to define the custom property order is long overdue.  While the custom HTML resource workaround works well for the node details page, it does not help when editing node details.  I have over 30 custom properties and need the ability to order/group them by relevance, not alphabetically.

  • You are correct that I confused the suggestions.  Yet another crazy week.

    I do understand what you are suggesting and for those of you that know HTML, that will likely work well.  I need to brush up on my HTML skills and try what you suggest as well.  However, in the meantime, there are likely to be others who don't want to mess with HTML and this enhancement would benefit them as well.



  • ? Not sure why the custom textbox wouldn't solve both the readability and to hide certain properties. Maybe you got it confused with Sohail's idea?

  • Thanks zzz...  Actually already doing what you recommend in your reference post as I noted above.  However I am suggesting a way to make the displayed field name cleaner to the user and more readable to the average, non-technical user.

    In my case, we have customers who would like to have the ability to view Orion screens themselves.  We want to give this to them but want the display clean and readable.  While we could eliminate the Custom Properties view from their screens, I also want them to tell us when the data displayed, for example contact data, is incorrect so we can correct it.

    Additionally, having the ability to not display some Custom Properties, as I propose in, would allow me to use Custom Properties for behind the scenes activities while not displaying them for users to see.

    Your vote on either or both of these suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Weird that both of you ( request basically the same thing within an hour of each other... EDIT: Wait, you both made it within an hour AND you both editted 2 weeks later at the same time?

    Anyway, please see my post here for a workaround using the custom html resource.