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over 1 year ago

Cloud Monitoring - AWS Tags

Can we get the "Cloud monitoring" to import AWS EC2 tags?

We use AWS tagging for our billing and it would be nice to group or view cloud items in Solarwinds by tag. Currently there is NO way to view any aws tags when clicking on a cloud instance in Solarwinds.

It would also be nice to auto-register a cloud instance as a managed-node.

  • I’m not sure of the demographics of customers that have environments moving or already in AWS as well as the size of those environments but tags in CloudWatch are important for a number of things. It’s custom properties of AWS to make an Orion analogy. For my company, we are close to 200 accounts with hundreds to thousands of instances that are running or workloads are spun up and destroyed in hours. Trying to keep up with such activities requires those tags to know usage, billing, and what to truly monitor. If you experience even some of this, I encourage more discussion of your use case and up vote for this feature.

  • It is kind of embarrassing that tags are not yet supported. How can they say they really support AWS without having this basic feature- its been years since they added integration- where are the features ?

  • I just had the tags request this morning from my management, for the same reasons. It would be nice to import the tags, then I can create a report on what instances have which tag for bill-back.