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over 1 year ago

Allow filtering on the "Search for Nodes" widget so it does not contain every default and custom property when trying to use it.

Case Update: 374290 - Feature Request:

The Summary page widget - Add Resources to Summary Home - under Miscellaneous>Search for Nodes.

This widget contains a drop down that has a bunch of different default values plus any Custom Properties defined for Nodes. (Node Name, IP Address, IP version, DNS, Vendor, etc.) 

Using this widget is extraordinarily annoying especially when there are a great number of Custom Properties defined.

NPM should be changed so that there is a little ">>" arrow on it similar to that in the Manage Nodes page where you can define what fields show up as optional search queries. Having to sort through 20+ items to select "Address" for example is frustrating especially since they are not in alphabetical order. Aside from that basic annoyance, many of those things are pointless/redundant because one can easily search results such as IP Address from the Manage Nodes screen. 

There is no screen that has a nice complex filter based search similar to the Manage Nodes screen that allows filtering on Custom Properties. A nice alternative to correcting the functionality of this widget would be to add another search page like Manage Nodes which does allow for filtering on other Node property fields other than Caption, IP Address, etc.