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over 1 year ago

Alert Action - button to approve and execute alert actions on the "All Active Alerts Page"

Need to have a way to review alerts prior to the alert actions being executed. Please provide a button on the All Active Alerts resource and an alert action tied to that button that when pressed executes all of the alert actions.

This would allow the NOC to preview alerts that are making tickets, sending emails etc prior to the actions being performed.

  • I would agree.

    Some actions such as 'create a ticket' need to be reviewed first by our NOC first. Otherwise a lot of alerts get sent out to peoples pagers for no reason.

    For example:

    Site loses power, The UPS's alerts the Facilities people, the router and switches alert the Network team, The servers alert the Server team, and  the workstations alert the Client team.

    The Facilities team addresses the power issue.

    The Network team, Server team, and Client team alert the Monitoring team and ask us to not alert them because they are not responsible for power.

  • I would amend this: Let users tag alert actions to either execute automatically OR require approval. For instance, I probably want email notifications to my personal account to send automatically, without approval. I probably want an action that creates an OpsGenie alert to run automatically. However, it would be useful, as bobmarley​ suggests, to require user intervention before executing an action that creates a help desk ticket.