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over 1 year ago

Ability to change NPM node status/color when UNDP status = $


I can see at from NPM 10.7 you can push that UNDP status to atlas map.

I don't see why we could change the Node general status from OK to something else ?

That could be  Green Yellow Green or other color that will indicate    UNDP problem.


  • thanks for the vote :-)

    It's much like traps& node on maps its run parallel and never meet not real intelligence in that.

    I sure solarwinds will do someting about that with the "new alert engine"


  • lots of people must be waiting for this since a long time... at least since 2007 emoticons_silly.png

    It's obvious that a UnDP problem should be displayed and reflected to the node status where a poller is assigned.

    hard to understand why this is not yet in production

    and that this idea has only 8 votes until now...