NPM 2023.1.0 Upgrade Feedback Thread

I pulled the trigger and updated to 2023.1.0. from 2022.4 last week.

Updated a single polling engine with NPM & NTA that monitors 400 nodes.

Install went smooth using the My Deployment - Updates Wizard.

haven't seen any issues over the last week I believe that is related to update.

how did you install go, did you get an issues you logged with support, if so what are the ticket numbers?

  • Having issues following NCM 2023.1 upgrade (from 2020.2.6).

    Our instance only uses and is licensed for NCM.

    Following the successful 2023.1 install and config wiz completion the "Job Engine v2" service has since failed to start resulting in the inability to add nodes, test polling etc. Attempting to manually start this service also fails.

    If I enable another product in evaluation mode (i.e. NPM) the service is then able to start however this is not acceptable for our production system.

    I've re-ran config wiz and also manually re-created license store however problem still remains.

    Possible bug on 2023.1 when only NCM is used? Anyone else experienced something similar?

    Have logged a case # 01308355.

  • Managed to resolve following a "repair" of SolarWinds Platform (via Control Panel) which also makes you run through config wiz.

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