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We acquired a company that has a little bit of Solarwinds, NPM 500 node, that I am trying to setup a infrastructure uptime report and I cannot get it to work. 

We were going to try and export the report I have in our version of Orion but when I did that and tried to edit the report it failed every time.

So then we created a new report from scratch using the working report as a guide.

Setup Custom Properties to include the infrastructure nodes.

Created a new report and used new tables and the report still does not run. 

When I search for columns in the NPM500 node I get this

When I am on our version of Orion I get this.


Are these different database columns?  Is that why I am not getting any data?  I try to search for Response Time in the NPM500 and nothing comes up.  This is the first time I am seeing their version of Solarwinds so maybe they do not have response time as an option in their DB? 

Thanks! -Dave

  • Hi there, 

    You are correct in your assumptions that you are looking at different database tables (Although technically it's API namespaces being mirrored into DB tables) - using SWQL Studio I can show you: 

    The table you are looking at is the following:

    You see how the primary key is HardwareItemID - this means that it's a list of hardware sensors like temperate, fan, etc. and their corresponding availability. There's also no link to the nodes table or NodeID in this particular

    The one you want is actually the one below, as it has a link to the Nodes table and a NodeID column: 

    So how does this happen? Well, here's the 2 most common ways: 

    Firstly, make sure that the selector has the right 'context' (The bit that says "I want to report on ..."), in this case it's node:

    This can easily be confused with others that list node, like below:

    The second, and mostly likely reason, is when you are selecting which column to add you are accidentally getting a 'linked column' from a different table. 

    First thing to check is to make sure you are in the right 'context' again (Orion Object here): 

    And in the left sidebar you can see all of the different sub-tables from the Node Hierarchy (Node is at the top of almost ALL SW hierarchies so there's a lot).

    The 'availability' we are looking for is from the 'Response time' table, that you can see me navigating to below:

    If you however use the search bar for 'Availability' you will end up getting availability from all the tables in the hierarchy - and here you need to be really careful to check the category to make sure you aren't pulling it from the complete wrong section of the DB: 

    Based on the fact that Hardware Sensor History is just above the correct one, you may have just selected that by accident.

    Hope this helps, if you found this useful please select this as the answer as it helps other users in the future.


  • Thank you for the explanation. This what I was looking for. 

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