Copy Custom Properties from another node

Is there a feature that can let you easily copy all custom properties from another existing node? This would dramatically speed up the new device discovery and organization post processing we do.

It really needs to be as simple as clicking a button that says something like "Copy custom properties from another node" and then a popup where you can select a node to copy from and then edit (if needed) the copied properties.

I know you can set up alerts to do this dynamically, but that doesn't really work when you have way too many custom properties per site/device, and 100s of sites and thousands of devices.

I'm also aware you can export existing custom properties in excel, copy them to new node, and re-upload. but this is also way more tedious than it needs to be.

There's also a Custom Property Editor page, which would be the next best thing to what I want, but it doesn't save the columns you add whenever you refresh the page!, as that page allows you to copy and paste and save. However this page is also very clunky and needs work.

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  • Not exactly what you are asking for but on the Edit Nodes screen you can set custom properties for multiple nodes on a single screen IF the nodes have a way to search and display them all on the screen at the same time. (as in nodes with similar names)

    Once you have done your search:

    put a checkmark next to each node you want to do a multi-edit on

    Click Edit Properties 

    This will allow you to edit all the nodes selected

    Click the box next to the property and fill in the data 

    Then click Submit at the bottom

    This will update the property for all of the selected nodes.

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