Ping Up/Down Monitoring WITHOUT a Hostname...

So we have some devices on our network that need ICMP monitoring ping up/down but they're a type of medical device that don't have hostnames. I can watch the DHCP scope in IPAM they're on and get the MAC from the scope as well as the DHCP Client Name... 

Is there some way to combine the 2 via SWQL or SQL or magic, or maybe it's built in where despite the fact that I'm "allowed" to monitor an IP via ICMP without a hostname, I know it's not going to work because if the IP changes for the device to something else, or some other device gets that devices current IP, there is no DNS record to check for validation.

That being said... even if I set something custom up, without that DNS piece am I out of luck?

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  • UDT does not really care about the IP status of a device.  You can use IPAM and then utilize Neighbor Scanning or Integrate your DHCP server into IPAM so it would scan the leases as well.

    Have you considered using Netpath instead?  It's not really monitoring UP or down, but at least you can check if you are reaching the device.

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