NPM Router metrics - details

Hi All.

I'm working with a no-kidding data scientist to analyze router metrics in my organization.

Pulling Interface Traffic from routers.  At this point we're experimenting with Interface polling at the default 9 minutes and also 15, 30 minutes.

Question: my customer is asking...



Does this represent a) average of router-internal records over the pulling period, b) some point-in-time reading, or other?

Can anyone offer guidance on what these values represent?  In general we're polling from Cisco 7000 series routers.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

  • I've got a (potential) answer.  Found a Cisco document that explains bits-per-second from that vendor's perspective (link below).

    According to this document Cisco calculates bps on a weighted average over 5 minute moving window.

    Translated into Solarwinds terms, if I poll my interface every 9 minutes, I get the Cisco last 5 minutes weighted average, not the last 9 minutes average.  If I poll every 30 minutes I still get the (Cisco) last 5 minutes weighted average, not the 30 minute average.

    To be clear, I'm not a router guru.  My experience lies more on the Server/SQL side of the house. 

    Thanks in advance for any comments, questions, or corrections.  Link below: