Status icon shows as up.gif instead of green icon


I've used a few examples but the output of my query still shows up.gif instead of the green status icon. Do you have to specify the specific up.gif each time or can you use StatusIcon and this will dynamically update the icon dependent on the status?

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  • Ah ha! Thank you I finally got it to work. I'm now exploring getting the status of a group to display. My overall goal is to display a widget that shows Green when certain interfaces are within a VLAN.

    Basically, we have a script that moves two interfaces into a different VLAN, when this happens I'd like a visual widget to indicate this. I can't seem to get the values of the VLANS from the interfaces so i considered creating a dynamic group that will pull these interfaces in once they have changed vlans and then having the group show as up within the widget.

    I'm not sure if this is possible, I'm just experimenting at the moment. Thanks again for your help.

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